From the catalytic formulation
to the shaped catalyst

UPCAT is a cluster from the PTICM platform (Technological Platform for Engineering in Chemistry and Materials) dedicated to the study of the preparation of supports and catalysts for heterogeneous catalysis. The scale of production on the cluster allows for TRLs of around 4 - 5, with production in the order of a few kilograms of material. The main objective is the rationalization of the synthesis and forming steps on batches of catalysts sufficient to allow subsequent implementation in pre-industrial laboratory pilots.

The cluster thus allows:

  • Preparation of porous supports and supported phases
  • Shaping of catalysts
  • Study of activation / regeneration of catalysts
  • Study of mechanical and physico-chemical properties of catalysts
  • Evaluation of their catalytic properties

In order to be able to carry out its missions, the cluster relies on the scientific skills of the academic laboratories UCCS (ULille) and LMCPA (UPHF) and is equipped with tools of various complementary technologies, allowing it a high flexibility during studies. UPCAT is actually hosted within the Michel-Eugène Chevreul Institute, and will be further hosted at Centrale Lille.


You can download informal brochures presenting the UPCAT technological cluster below:

 UPCAT is co-financed by the European Union with the European Regional Development Fund.