From the catalytic formulation
to the shaped catalyst

Equipments for synthesis installed

The equipment shown below is installed and functional. An increase in synthesis capacity, up to 20 liters, is planned for 2021, as well as the acquisition of crushers and attritors.


Three Reactor Ready setups with capacity 250 mL - 10 L

These double-walled synthesis reactor setups make it possible to study the change from a capacity of 250 mL to a capacity of 10 L (see photo) under comparable conditions. Each assembly is equipped with a dedicated cryostat (which can work between -60 ° C and 200 ° C), a blade stirring system, an internal temperature probe, a pH probe, and two peristaltic pumps allowing the controlled addition of reagents and solvents.

The assemblies are entirely controlled by proprietary software, which also allows continuous recording of process parameters (temperature, pH, addition of reagents over time) and alarm management.

An hydrothermal synthesis reactor with capacity 8 L

This 8 L Top Industrie autoclave can synthesize materials under hydrothermal conditions, up to 20 bar and 180 ° C. It is equipped with a stirring blade, temperature and pH probes, a draw-off valve, a sampling rod, as well as three peristaltic pumps allowing the programmed addition of liquids (solvents, bases , and acids). Everything is controlled by proprietary software.

The autoclave can also work in a controlled atmosphere, and if necessary allow the study of catalytic reactions using a bubbling rod.

A rotative evaporator with capacity 20 L

This Büchi rotary evaporator is composed of an initial 20 L flask, two parallel 10 L recovery flasks, and a vacuum pump which can drop to 1.5 mbar. The device is also equipped with a system allowing the continuous addition of the suspension to be evaporated, by vacuum.


A filtration setup with capacity 20 L

This depressurization filtration system allows, in addition to liquid/solid separation by means of a porous cloth, the repulping of the cake via stirring blades in order to facilitate its washing, the control of the internal temperature thanks to the presence of a double jacket, and filtration under inert conditions.

A vibro-oscillating impact crusher

This Spex high energy grinding device can grind up to 50 mL of inorganic material (silica, alumina, various oxides). This energetic grinding reduces the grain size to the scale of a hundred nanometers.

Bowls and grinding balls in stainless steel, but also in tungsten carbide, are available in order to avoid any contamination of the ground material. These materials are also resistant to corrosive environments.