From the catalytic formulation
to the shaped catalyst

Shaping equipments installed

The equipment below is installed and functional. Other devices, and in particular a mixer with a capacity of 1 L, as well as a granulation tool with a capacity of 2 kg, are in the process of being purchased.


A mixing-extrusion-spheronization apparatus

The Caleva Multilab is a device combining both a 10 to 20 g capacity mixer, a continuous single-screw extruder, and a spheronization plate. This apparatus is particularly suitable for shaping doughs with moderate viscosity, and makes it possible to obtain extrudates and grains of 0.5 to 3 mm in diameter.


A dual-screw extrusion apparatus

The Thermo Scientific Process 11 twin-screw extruder allows both continuous mixing and shaping of ceramic or hybrid powders, with controlled addition of powders and liquids along the extrusion sleeve by means of a screw gravimetric and peristaltic pumps, respectively. The scabbard and screws are made of X15TN steel, allowing a good compromise between abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. The maximum working temperature is 350 ° C, and the maximum production rate is 2.5 kg / h.

The resulting extrudates have diameters varying between 0.5 and 3 mm, and shapes varying from cylindrical to trilobic.

A spray-dryer

The Büchi B-290 drying atomizer allows both continuous drying of suspensions, but also to form fluidized grains, that is to say having sizes of the order of a few microns to tens of microns . The device is coupled to a dehumidifier and to an inerting loop, making it possible to work without releasing organic solvents into the room. The device can go up to 220 ° C in the atomization chamber, and has an evaporation capacity of 1 L / h of suspension.


A granulation apparatus

The EL1 granulator from Eirich, thanks to its high shear rate, allows you to granulate up to 1 L of powder per batch. In addition, it is possible to add liquids via a trap located above the granulation chamber.

An automatic sieving apparatus

The Retsch AS 400 Control sieve shaker can stack up to 5 sieves with a diameter of 400 mm, as well as a fines collection tank. The sieves have mesh sizes ranging from 250 microns to 5 mm.


A granulating pan

The AR403 granulating pan makes it possible to coalesce and use the grains formed in the granulation tool, ultimately making it possible to obtain spherical grains having a diameter that can reach several millimeters.