From the catalytic formulation
to the shaped catalyst

Ongoing projects

  • RégCat (Region STIMulE funding). This project aims to strengthen collaborations between three major regional laboratories (UCCS, LMCPA, TIMR) on the theme of the preparation of catalysts and supports on a pre-industrial scale.
  • TEXMOF (ANR ASTRID funding). TEXMOF studies the deposition of layers of porous coordination polymers (MOFs) on fabrics for the remediation of toxic gases.
  • CatReMo (ANR PRC funding). The CatReMo project is studying new routes for the solvothermal conversion of lignocellulosic biomass into molecules with high added value, thanks to the use of stable heterogeneous catalysts.

UPCAT also supports the work of the start-ups BEKEMBIO and LABKICOSMOS.

Academic partners