From the catalytic formulation
to the shaped catalyst

Thermal activation equipments installed

Ovens, muffle furnaces and tube furnaces of different capacities will be installed by 2021, in addition to the equipment already existing at the laboratory scale (50 L furnaces, 20 L muffle furnaces and 40 mm diameter tube furnaces under controlled atmosphere (oxidizing, reducing, inert)).


Two drying ovens with capacity 810 L

These Initio Shop brand drying ovens with a capacity of 810 L can rise up to 300 ° C with a difference of +/- 0.5 ° C. 4 shelves, each able to accommodate 40 kg of products to dry, are arranged inside.


A vacuum drying oven with capacity 400 L

This Initio Shop brand vacuum drying oven can dry products under reduced pressure (133 Pa) up to 200 ° C.